Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Park Ave & Spanish Moss

It has been a long day so lets get straight to the polish! :)  For the base I used In A New York Color Minute - Park Ave.  This is a really pretty creamy dark mauve/purple (The picture doesn't do it justice)  I had to apply 3 coat to cover but it is a quick dry polish and really did dry fast.  And it did go on really smooth!

I didn't use any top coat after Park Ave since it dried so fast.  I just taped it off (thank you so much Chloe's nails for this little gem, I had never thought of scotch tape before.  I had always just done all of my work freehand)

This is a beautiful green that I added on the ends!  It is Revlon - Spanish Moss.  It looks like a cream polish at first but it has this gorgeous subtle shimmer in it!  I was tempted to remove the Park Ave and do just the Spanish moss! Now if I am talking about removing any kind of purple that is really saying something!

These were both really hard colors to capture with the camera, but I highly recommend them both.

I do believe I will use this green again before the month is out!

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